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The Indigen Group is a business-forward, full-suite production company that aims to bring a new flavor to the entertainment industry in Ghana. The organization so far has centred predominantly on its live entertainment arm, hitherto identified as The Indigen Theatre Company, where original musicals have been written, directed and staged primarily by the group's founder - Vako Ferguson. The company was born of a dream by its founder to bring the wonder of musical theatre to bear prominently within the Ghanaian context. A lover of musical theatre since her childhood, with strong influences from renown international composers/lyricists such as Andrew Lloyd Webber, Stephen Sondheim and the inimitable combination of Rodgers and Hammerstein, Vako is a singer-songwriter, playwright and the creator of the company's three major productions thus far - Born For This, Adinkra and Napo: A Musical Tribute.

The company seeks to further its vision by encouraging and supporting the creation of family-friendly and original musicals and the development of talent with its core values of commitment, enthusiasm, perseverance, personality and prowess. Our musicals appeal to a wide cross-section of the community including churches, schools, businesses, and theatre-lovers in every spectrum of society. We have featured both local and international guest artistes such as Kokui Selormey - a household name in Ghana - and Leah Hawkins - a resident of the Washington National Opera, USA - both known for their virtuosity in classical music performance.

Today, The Indigen Group has a business model that not only involves the staging of original musicals, but one that encompasses a broader spectrum of services in creative and artistic development. We offer:

- Music, Dance and Drama Lessons

- Contracted performers, choirs, and instrumentalists for events

- Staging and production of new and existing musical and theatre works, as well as concerts

- Training in the Business Model You® methodology for professionals (discounted for students and personnel in qualified creative industries)

We hope that you will partner with and support us on our journey to etch the love and joy of the creative arts within the very fabric of our nation, Ghana, and beyond. You can also search for and buy our music using the Itunes icon at the bottom of our pages. Enjoy!

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