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Born For This

Born For This was the creator's very first musical and it is was birthed over a five-year period in which the biblical stories of Esther, David and Goliath, and Ruth were pulled together in a fresh new way, bringing their journeys to life through the color of music, dance and prose. First staged in 2017, it remains a household classic with memorable songs cherished by its beloved audiences.



Wanting to get back to her roots, the creator wrote this musical to commemorate her cultural background and Akan heritage. The musical tells the story of Aba, a young girl discovering the meaning of life through various circumstances she encounters as she grows up. The story weaves in traditional Adinkra symbols and proverbs as lessons she learns along the way. 



NAPO: A Musical Tribute is a musical written in dedication to the life and legacy of the founder's father - Dr. Kwami Nyaho Tamaklo, also fondly called 'Efo Napo' by loved ones.

Dr. Tamaklo was a pioneer in his time, developing the first private group-medical-practice healthcare facility in Ghana, in 1970. Almost 50 years on, the brand 'Nyaho', in reference to Nyaho Healthcare Limited, still remains strong. Dr. Tamaklo was also the founder of Lashibi Funeral Homes.

It was well known that Dr. Tamaklo was a lover of music himself, and actually harbored a dream to build a music/performing arts school of a kind. This dream, was somehow, vicariously passed down to his daughter, and it is only befitting that a musical be created in his honour to celebrate the golden jubilee anniversary of the dreams he actually realized. The musical was first presented virtually in 2020 and re-screened in 2021.


The Musical Theatre Concert was held on Saturday, 10th December 2022 at the Tamaklo Gardens to commemorate the company's 5-year journey and to generally pay homage to the world of musical theatre which is the basis and foundation of the organization. The show featured guest artistes with a backing chorus and dancers, singing songs from the classics and adding their own spin to these classical works.

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